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What is a secondary hot water system?


Secondary hot water systems are the ultimate solution for all-time hot water supply in both homes and commercial buildings. Such a system has a unique plumbing structure that enables a hot water supply at any time. It also ensures less water wastage, no long waits, and an instant hot water supply. Whether your requirement is small or big, a secondary hot water system is ideal for every person who wants to rely on a heating system resulting in less water wastage. This blog will shed light on the topic – what is a secondary hot water system? 

So, whether you require a constant hot water supply at particular times of the day or consider meeting the heavy hot water demands of your large families and guests, a secondary hot water system with return pumps is the best investment. On the other hand, if you were unaware of our services at Boiler Solutions, check out our homepage. We focus on providing a range of services, such as a hot water cylinder service in London. So, if you ever need one, you know where to look. 

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How does a secondary return pump work?

A secondary return pump uses a recirculating pump to distribute the hot water supply in all the faucets. Whether at homes or commercial buildings, this supply is constant. With the help of a tee system and a copper pipe, the pump is connected to water supply lines. Further, through this pipe, the hot water is supplied and recirculated back to the water heater. Secondary return pumps are an ideal choice for multipurpose. Since it makes the hot water supply readily available, there is no chance of waiting longer or keeping the faucet on until the cold water turns hot.

Now that we are on the same page about seeking an answer to what is a secondary hot water system? let’s keep reading to learn more. Delving a bit deep into the function of a secondary pump, the primary part of it is to push the cold water down and let hot water rise and reach the faucets. These pumps include pipes arranged in loops, and the water supply is carried to the tap and back to the heater.

What is a return pump?

A return pump recirculates hot water from the heater to the faucets and back to the heater. The return pump helps maintain a continuous hot water flow when the taps are turned on. The water gets carried back to where it came from when the faucets are turned off. Again when you turn the tap on, you get an instant hot water supply. This process is carried out unless the system is shut down. Return pumps are so popular among households and for commercial purposes. Speaking of pumps, here’s a blog that might interest you if you’ve ever dealt with or have a combi boiler at home. Check out our blog titled combi boiler pump failure symptoms and update yourself on what would usually cause such failures.

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What is a secondary return in a heating system?

A secondary return in the heating system means the loops are arranged so that the cold water is pushed down and the hot water rises. This process is based on gravity or, you can say, the natural tendency. Return pumps ensure the hot water is carried from the water supply to the heater and the faucet. And when the purpose is fulfilled, the taps are turned off, and the return pump takes the water back to the heater. The most significant advantage of choosing a return pump is its ability to prevent overheating of water. Extreme water temperatures can cause accidents; hence, the hot water circulates in the loops through its return pumps. Still, wanting to know more about what is a secondary hot water system? Well, we’re not done yet. There’s more to come.

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What is a secondary circulating pump?

Secondary circulating pumps are most common among households, especially in bathrooms and kitchens. A secondary circulating pump also ensures no long wait for a hot water supply and no wastage of water. Easy to install and an ideal choice for homes if you need access to hot water almost all the time. Secondary circulating pumps are always in high demand; however, what is unique about them? The speciality lies in their hot water circuit and loops. In a secondary circulating pump, the hot water circuit is responsible for circulating hot water through its loops and making the supply readily available near the outlets. An example of this type is the taps of kitchens and bathrooms. Usually, they need instant access to hot water during peak winters.

After the purpose is fulfilled and the faucets are turned off, the hot water circulates back to the heater or the hot water tank (if installed). And again, fresh hot water comes to the loops close to the faucets. That is why you get instant access to hot water with the help of a secondary circulating pump. The best part about secondary circulating pumps is that they can be installed in your existing heating system. Despite throwing your old system away, the best way to utilize it is to upgrade them. Upgrading them with modern technologies ensures faster results. Before we wrap up, why not look at another blog from our site? This one will tell you all about fitting a combi boiler in the loft. Enjoy!