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Boiler Installation London

Every house or flat in a building needs boiler installations to stay warm and operate correctly. But, installing a boiler is not very simple, and it can go wrong if done improperly. Thus, you will need to hire boiler installation London experts to install a boiler. So, if you are thinking of getting it done by yourself, then you will save money, but will also put yourself at risk. It might be fatal if a boiler installation goes awry. Many boilers use gas to power their heating elements. Fatalities may result if gas is improperly directed and controlled. Alternatively, if you are thinking about replacing gas boiler with electric, then our blog on the same will give you an idea. Do check it out.

A qualified employee from a reputable boiler installation in London business means efficiency. They will have the right tools and information required to ensure that your boiler installation is done safely and correctly. So, hiring a professional boiler fitter in London will be one of the best decisions you’ll make. The experts have a wealth of experience and information. They can share their expertise with you through maintenance tips and guidance to ensure that your boiler lasts as long as possible. Your boiler will last the longest if you have the best installation and care advice.

Having a Very Old Boiler

  • Broken Boiler: It would be evident that you would need a new boiler if yours frequently fails and needs to be repaired. A boiler should ideally only need one service call per year. So, if you’re calling your plumber to check on your boiler more frequently, it’s time to consider upgrading. While a new boiler may initially appear expensive, you will eventually notice the comfort improvements. You would also save money by not having to pay callout costs for repairs that your old boiler needs.
  • Old Boiler: You likely need to replace your boiler if it’s older than 20 years. Most boilers that are more than 20 years old are now thought to be inefficient when compared to more recent options. Older boilers are more susceptible to typical breakdown problems. They will probably have more difficulties heating your home efficiently by raising the temperature of the water. It is acceptable to continue using your old boiler as long as you service it annually. Also, if it continues to function effectively and you do not experience breakdowns. However, if your old boiler keeps failing, it might be time to think about replacing it.

Main areas we provide our Boiler Installation service

Your Local London Boiler Company

We cover all of London - from Wandsworth to Westminster and Brixton to Bromley and everywhere in between. If you’re looking for a boiler service in London then you’ve come to the right place. Boiler Solutions is one of London’s leading plumbing and heating companies.


Signs You Need a New Boiler Replacement

  • Low pressure: A leak in the system may cause a boiler to lose pressure. Additionally, the pressure is reduced when air leaks out of a valve. The heating system can be improved by including a leak sealant. If another factor is to blame for the pressure reduction, you must have your boiler inspected right away. It would also indicate that you require a new boiler.
  • Noisy Boiler: Boilers create noise when they are turned on. You might not even notice the usual hum because it is so persistent. However, you should be alarmed if your boiler is making loud noises like clanging, pounding, or buzzing. Unusual noises may result from a broken valve, a pump issue, or ordinary wear and tear. Call an engineer immediately and switch the boiler off if the noise is out of the ordinary. They will examine the boiler and make the necessary minor repairs. They will suggest a replacement boiler if the old one is unfit to use.

Professional Boiler Installers London

It will save time if you book a skilled boiler installer. Every boiler is different and will require a particular way of installation. You will waste valuable time trying to figure things out alone because you might not have the necessary information or skills. So, always choose a professional boiler installer to save time and money. You will quickly have hot water with a newly installed boiler. Therefore, don’t forget to contact the right boiler installers London.

The installation process of the boiler itself, as well as how it operates after installation, are both subject to a vast number of safety standards. These figures are something that an experienced boiler engineer will encounter every day. After installation, they will be able to identify any issues immediately and keep you inside the law if something is not functioning as it should. They’ll keep you safe above all else. At the same time, you can go local depending on your location.

New Boiler Replacement London

Through London-based Gas Safe engineers and installers, you can find various businesses that provide boiler replacement London, boiler servicing, and boiler repairs. They efficiently provide the most competitive rates for both old and new installations. Buying a new boiler in London is quick and straightforward, with several financing options. You must be delighted with your quote to be pleased; thus, getting the correct new boiler installation in London cost is essential. You may search for a combi boiler if you reside in a flat, apartment, or regular-sized home in London. It offers all the heat and hot water that you require on demand. But this isn’t the only factor contributing to a combi’s popularity as a boiler type. They’re also small, and you can easily store them in a kitchen cabinet, out of sight and out of mind.

The availability of combi boiler installation choices in London is also advantageous. Particularly for larger households with higher hot water demands, system boilers are a reasonably common boiler type in the UK. One of them is probably present if your hot water tank is in an attic or airing cupboard. A system boiler installation doesn’t need a water storage tank. It works with a hot water cylinder instead. Doing this allows you to maintain a high-pressure level while using less space than a standard boiler. When there is no place for oil storage and there is no access to the gas network, electric boilers are an excellent alternative. Electric boiler installation is more suitable for smaller homes and apartments. They have a restricted capacity to provide hot water.

Emergency Boiler Installation London

It can be upsetting and depressing to have a faulty boiler. It is unquestionably an emergency if it breaks down in the dead of winter. Get an emergency boiler installation as soon as possible to make your house safe. If any of the following apply to you, you’ll require an emergency boiler installation or repair:

  • In particular, you don’t have hot water or heating if little children or older people live with you.
  • Your plumbing is leaking.
  • Whether it be carbon monoxide or natural gas, you can smell gas or suspect a leak.

In particular, if you believe your boiler leaks, you need to call an emergency boiler technician immediately. If you’re experiencing any of these issues, contact an emergency service. You run a risk of harming your health. You must call an emergency technician as soon as possible.

The term “emergency boiler replacement” has a specific meaning. It will take precedence over non-emergency repairs and installations. You can count on your new boiler to be operational once more in less than 24 hours. Various engineers operate on 24-48 hour time frames for repairs and installations. They must charge more than they would for a typical installation to be able to do jobs thus swiftly.

Boiler Servicing and Maintenance

We believe that your safety and the safety of your home is of utmost importance during a boiler service or any other gas appliance-related work. Our customer-first approach is what has allowed us to build up a stellar reputation over the last decade. The only way to ensure that your boiler or appliance is functioning efficiently and safely is with regular maintenance and professional servicing, which are usually carried out annually. There are a number of reasons to get a yearly service.


New Boiler Installation London

You already know that one of a building’s most crucial components is the boiler. The boiler is not only one of the structure’s most critical components but also one of the most harmful components if something goes wrong. Boiler installation must be correct because they use gas and pressurised water. The only way to ensure that your boiler installation is safe and precise is to hire a professional. Professional engineers have training in gas safety and all other aspects. Training is necessary to complete a safe gas boiler installation. Identifying technical issues by yourself would not be possible. You must hire a professional to do this job for you. If you live in Central London, then you can go for a professional boiler installation in Central London.

It may not have occurred to you, but having an improperly installed boiler can result in a fine. Both company owners and homeowners may find this to be of great significance. When you decide to work with someone with certifications, you can be sure that the job is done according to the guidelines. That translates to safe gas levels and zero harmful pollution levels within your house. Many services are available, but ensure you hire the best boiler installation in West London.

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Boiler Solutions are the leaders of all plumbing and heating services

You can be confident that your problem will get sorted if you book the services of a professional engineer to install your boiler. In addition to delivering the anticipated outcomes, you can depend on us to work on the job at hand with professionalism and the utmost safety. A boiler can be dangerous if not appropriately placed, so having a Boiler Solutions professional on board will mean ensuring attention to detail and a quality finish.

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Customer Reviews

Over the years, the quality work and excellent customer service provided by our engineers at Boiler Solutions have proved our approach to work. Boiler Solutions aims to ensure a customer feels content and satisfied with the result. These reviews from customers who have experienced our work will give you an idea.


My elderly dad’s boiler broke down and he needed an urgent replacement. Gary organised replacement and installation all within one day ! Service was professional at all times and he…

2 months ago

Anya Revans

I have used Gary at Boiler Solutions many times over the past 15 years and he always provides an excellent service at a reasonable cost. He installed our boiler, has…

a month ago

Ebru Ozguc

I had the pleasure of working with Daniel and his team and he sorted out my boiler problem within two hours, supplying the needed part. Absolutely brilliant plumber came and…

a month ago

ruairi keeley

AMAZING COMPANY and service. Previously spent £1k with another plumping company to 'fix' the issue and they suggested another 'fix' for another £1k. Apparently we had a broken pump (even…

2 months ago

Katia Gerard

Brilliant! We struggled to find a plumber who could intervene quickly on Friday night but thanks to Gary, we have successfully rehabilitated our dysfunctional radiators. Gary gave us professional advice…

2 months ago

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Q How long does it take to fit a new boiler ?

A. Usually, if you want to install a new boiler, it can be done within 1 to 3 days, depending on the heating system at the location. The installation process also depends upon your property type and house size. The complexity of the boiler installation dramatically lies in the pipework that it might demand.

Q How much does it cost to install a boiler in London ?

A. The standard boiler installation cost could range between £700 and £2500. These boiler installation prices tend to fluctuate mainly due to economic uncertainty and price fluctuations of the boiler brands, models etc. Moreover, the cost will depend on the engineer's work installing the boiler as well. To elaborate, if the engineer needs to change the pipework or the location of the new boiler, it might involve a higher labour cost.

Q What qualifications do you need to fit a boiler ?

A. Being Gas Safe registered is the most crucial qualification for a qualified boiler engineer to possess. By law, only a boiler engineer with a Gas Safety registration is allowed to open and work on a boiler.

Q How would you make a reasonable choice to choose and install a boiler ?

A. A boiler is an essential appliance in any household, especially during the winter season. Choosing the option to install a boiler depends on several factors. You must consider how many people in our house would be using hot water and central heating as well as the size of your property before deciding on which boiler would suit your household. For example, conventional boilers suit larger homes that consist of multiple bathrooms. In contrast, combi boilers work better in relatively smaller homes.

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