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Underfloor Heating Repair London

Underfloor heating repair and services are abundant across the UK. Hundreds of technicians provide services to thousands of homes annually and help maintain their underfloor heating systems. Besides homes, underfloor heating systems are also accommodated in offices and other commercial buildings. And this is because they have provided efficient cooling and heating services for a long time. Whether your underfloor heating systems need repairs or servicing regularly is a question for many. Underfloor heating systems require servicing, but it entirely depends on their type.

If you think of installing an electric-based underfloor heating system at your homes or offices, then maintenance is not mandatory for a long time. It is only necessary when there are issues in heating or cooling. However, timely or occasional care is essential for water-based underfloor heating systems. Knowing more about underfloor heating repair and services can help maintain them. Let’s figure out the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions by the users. Also, find out how this type of heating can be integrated into a zoned heating system by checking out our blog on this topic.

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At Boiler Solutions, we aim to give the absolute best in service delivery. It matters to us that you, our customer, are 100% satisfied with the result. Along with this, we think about developing ourselves constantly and staying on top of what goes on in this sector, especially regarding tech advancements and upgrades to all things heating and energy-related. This is why you will be glad to know that we embody what a trusted London underfloor heating company should be like.

Advantages of Underfloor Heating

One of the benefits that come along with underfloor heating systems is their low maintenance costs. The maintenance costs are very low depending on the electric or water-based underfloor heating systems. If you have installed or are planning to install electric-based underfloor heating, then the requirement for maintenance is almost a “no” unless you face issues. There might be occasional requirements for a water-based system in a few years.

At the same time, underfloor heating systems do not require much energy to heat or cool. This is because the process is much quicker and simpler. Regarding energy efficiency, electric-based underfloor heating systems are much more energy efficient than water-based systems. Water-based systems rely on gas to function. Underfloor heating systems, as compared to other heating systems, can instantly change the temperatures of spaces, making them more cosy and comfortable. This is the reason many offices and even homes choose underfloor heating systems.

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Efficiency of Electric Underfloor Heating

A question most commonly asked by users is, how efficient electric underfloor heating is? Is it worth installing? Is it worth all the cost? And the answer to all these is a big yes. Underfloor heating systems are a lot more efficient than other forced air systems. Underfloor heating systems are very safe and can be cost-effective for a lifetime. The primary benefit of installing an underfloor heating system is its low maintenance costs. Mostly, this type of heating requires less maintenance, which in turn means that you can minimize on the need for any underfloor heating repair. They are also energy efficient. Hence, your bills can be much lower than expected. On the contrary, if you wish to learn more about the most common boiler problems.

Electric Underfloor Heating Repairs

If the idea of setting up underfloor heating might tend to instil a level of worry in you, then you won’t need to feel that way. Thinking about what will happen if all those heating cables might malfunction under all that nicely laid out flooring? If something goes wrong, will it get expensive if you’ll need to lift off the flooring to get to the heating setup? Is all of that worth it? Well, the electric version of underfloor heating happens to be quite the simple type to handle. As long as you ensure that the cables have been laid out professionally, then you can rest assured have a well-functioning heating system that will last you a very long time without getting affected.

When Underfloor Heating Stops Working

One of the biggest fears you come across after installing an underfloor heating system is that it fails to function well or is not working. It can happen right after installations or perhaps after months and years of use. No matter the span, the only solution is fixing an appointment with an underfloor heating engineer and get your system fixed. But, what are some of the main reasons to go for an underfloor heating repair if it stops working?

  • The most common reason can be poor installation. Sometimes, opting for installation services may not be up to the mark, which may also result in the improper functioning of the system.
  • The finishing of the floor is inappropriate. As a result, there are problems with heating or cooling. Placing carpets and rugs made of inappropriate materials can also be a reason.
  • There is a fault in the thermostat. And this is the main reason your room is not experiencing any temperature changes.
  • There might be some problems with the cables and wires. Sometimes, the wires and lines might be broken and must be fixed.
  • There are air locks in the UFH loops.
  • The pipes are damaged, have leaks, or have corroded.
  • A defect in the heating mat might also be the reason.

These are some of the most common signs that your underfloor heating system is failing to function in the right way. You can always consider consulting experts and rectifying the problems before giving it a try yourself and dealing with complex electrical issues.

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Q What are the advantages of underfloor heating ?

A. Installing an underfloor heating system in your homes and offices has many advantages. Underfloor heating systems are valuable for heating or cooling and have many benefits. Advantages of installing an underfloor heating system would include the following -

  • Can be fitted under all types of floors - It is truly the best part about installing underfloor heating systems. Be it tiles, stones, wood, or anything else. Underfloor systems can be installed under any floor your homes or offices have.
  • It does not take a lot of space - Other boilers and radiators take up a lot of space in your home. You can eliminate them and opt for underfloor heating systems because they do not require space.
  • The temperatures are controllable - Another best feature of underfloor heating systems is that the temperatures are controllable. This can be done by using a thermostat. Hence, all these advantages make underfloor heating systems the most reliable and affordable option.

Q Does underfloor heating need to be serviced ?

A. Yes, underfloor heating systems do need servicing, but not regularly. And this span can be for years. If you have installed or are willing to install electric-based underfloor heating systems, then the requirements for maintenance are meagre. However, the requirements are mandatory once every few years for water-based systems. Although electric-based underfloor systems are smart and do not need servicing, experts advise opting for maintenance time to avoid significant issues. Sometimes, minor problems in underfloor heating systems might not result in a sudden breakdown or disaster, but after years, some major issues may arise. And fixing these issues will cost you a lot more than regular service. Hence, it is always wise to immediately opt for routine maintenance to resolve even the most minor issues. And you can avoid some heavy expenses in the future. Also, timely services are mandatory and unavoidable if you plan to install a water-based underfloor heating system.

Q How do you fix underfloor heating problems ?

A. One of the easiest ways to deal with underfloor heating problems is consulting an expert and hiring underfloor heating specialists. When in London, underfloor heating maintenance services are available in abundance. Some of the ways a specialist will go about this would involve things such as fixing the thermostat, dealing with sticky pins and even dealing with common problems such as bubbles or air in the UFH loop.