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Hot Water Cylinder Service in London

The greater part of the country utilizes gas for heating purposes. A lot of houses that are not connected to the gas network still need high-temperature water. As a result, unvented water cylinders are the best solution for such homes. They provide a level of proper execution, constancy, and decent energy savings. Like any other device, a hot water cylinder boiler does need hot water cylinder service. So, were you aware of unvented hot water cylinders? Consequently, you must maintain your unvented appliance by opting for a hot water cylinder service. This is if you are content to have hot water anytime you need it. As with any home item, wear and tear can cause performance to decline. These occur overtime and this is why a proper annual servicing is necessary. This section will explain more about maintaining this type of appliance.

What type you have will depend on the type of cylinder you have. If you have an open vented system, i. e. the copper cylinder and the tank in the loft, the engineer will check the cylinder to ensure there are no leaks in the connections and ensure that the immersion heater still works. When we talk about unvented cylinders, it would be similar checks along the lines of connections to the cylinders themselves to ensure there are no leaks around the cylinder, test the immersion heater and test the safety device on the cylinder. There will be similar and yet different checks for the engineer to undertake on an unvented system. They will conduct these checks and also look into elements such as the external expansion vessel, the air bubble in the cylinder, and the safety device.

Unvented Hot Water Cylinder Service

Hot water is a necessity. You can not function if your hot water cylinder breaks down. Your water cylinder needs servicing to be in good shape if you want reliable, continuous hot water delivery in your home. This calls for routine unvented hot water cylinder service. Without correct maintenance, an unvented water cylinder might become risky. They have safety valves that let excess heat and pressure escape if the water cylinder gets too pressurised. But if the valves malfunction, the pressure might climb dangerously high. That ultimately might weaken the cylinder’s walls, leading to catastrophic failure.

Vented Hot Water Cylinder Repairing

The vented cylinder version was the norm in traditional settings, and was popular especially during the 70s in the UK. This type of cylinder was built to last and has been regarded as a great addition to our homes. Also, they usually don’t need a lot of maintenance. Another thing to keep in mind is that when it does come to repairs, anyone, regardless of their level of plumbing knowledge, has the capability of getting one up and running.

Benefits of Conducting an Annual Hot Water Cylinder Service

Any form of annual servicing for ones household appliances is crucial if you want to ensure that you use it for a longer period of time. In this case, with regard to hot water cylinders, there are several benefits that a homeowner will enjoy. Such a service will mean that you will e maintaining low energy costs. You will also avoid unwanted repairs in future whilst expand the hot water cylinder’s lifespan and make it safer as a result. To understand the significance of conducting a service in general, read our blog titled what does a boiler service include?

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Maintain Low Energy Costs

Your Gas Safe registered engineer will verify that your hot water cylinder is operating efficiently as part of your yearly hot water cylinder service. Moreover, this can end up saving you money over time. So, work to enhance the efficiency of your hot water cylinder and service it frequently. This helps stop soot from building up, allowing the hot water cylinder to operate efficiently and use less fuel. Above all, doing this will minimise your impact on the environment and your carbon footprint. Also, it will help maintain low energy expenditures.


Our team at Boiler Solutions are waiting to provide you with a service and experience that is second to none. We pride ourselves on our abilities to not only ensure that you get all your boiler-related problems solved but also to keep you informed and updated on all matters to do with heating. We understand how things go where service provision is concerned; we all want everything to work smoothly and function as usual, right? We know the hassle it takes when we have to deal with malfunctioning household appliances. So, we are here for you.

Our team at Boiler Solutions are waiting to provide you with a service and experience that is second to none. We pride ourselves on our abilities to not only ensure that you get all your boiler-related problems solved but also to keep you informed and updated on all matters to do with heating. We understand how things go where service provision is concerned; we all want everything to work smoothly and function as well as it should.

Our team at Boiler Solutions are waiting to provide you with a service and experience that is second to none. We pride ourselves on our abilities to not only ensure that you get all your boiler-related problems solved but also to keep you informed and updated on all matters to do with heating. We understand how things go where service provision is concerned


Avoid Unwanted Repairs

You can increase the reliability of your heating system and the likelihood of future issues will decrease with routine inspections and maintenance. Ultimately, a yearly check can help identify any problems early on, decreasing the likelihood that your hot water cylinder will fail later. Accordingly, a Gas Safe licensed engineer should service your hot water cylinder once every year as one of the most crucial ways to maintain it. Regular inspections can identify problems that, if ignored, could develop into more serious ones. Furthermore, if that happens then it would be expensive to fix and even force you to replace your hot water cylinder.

Boiler Servicing and Maintenance

We believe that your safety and the safety of your home is of utmost importance during a boiler service or any other gas appliance-related work. Our customer-first approach is what has allowed us to build up a stellar reputation over the last decade. The only way to ensure that your boiler or appliance is functioning efficiently and safely is with regular maintenance and professional servicing, which are usually carried out annually. There are a number of reasons to get a yearly service.


Make it Safer

Carbon monoxide is a poisonous gas. In the UK, carbon monoxide poisoning results in numerous fatalities and hospitalizations. A hot water cylinder service will ensure that your hot water cylinder is not at risk for gas leaks. So, if your home does not already have one, will install a carbon monoxide monitor. A few defective hot water cylinders can also overheat to intolerable levels, leaving your heating system and pipes scalding to the touch. Eventually, a service would resolve this and make it safer. Therefore, conducting a service can change even minor problems and make them more tolerable for regular usage. On the other hand, read on the topic, can a boiler flue go through the roof? This sheds light on carbon monoxide emission.

Increase the Hot Water Cylinder’s Lifespan

A hot water cylinder that is properly cared for and kept in good condition will most likely last longer whilst saving a lot of money. Additionally, to ensure that your hot water cylinder runs smoothly and efficiently, regular maintenance is the answer. Gas Safe accredited inspections can assist in identifying and resolving small problems that might lengthen the hot water cylinder’s lifespan. Subsequently, your hot water cylinder won’t function as well as it did when it was brand-new if it is approaching its typical lifespan of 15 years.

Modern hot water cylinders contain many features that can increase efficiency, frequently making them more cost-effective. This can reduce the operating costs of newer hot water cylinders. They can also reduce your carbon footprint. Therefore, to satisfy any regulatory obligations, you must remember to schedule an annual service for your hot water cylinder. Also, you should still consider doing it even if it is brand-new.

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Q Why do unvented cylinders need servicing ?

A. Your unvented water cylinder will deteriorate over time due to wear and strain. Even steel can deteriorate over time. Every year, you should get your unvented cylinder annual inspection to keep an eye out for any potential damage and maintain the cylinder's build. This enables you to get the most out of your investment and have continuous access to hot water at the faucets. Even a relatively minor leak can result in structural damage to your property because corrosion at intake and outlet connections can be problematic.

Q How often should a hot water cylinder be serviced ?

A. Experts recommend that you get an annual unvented hot water cylinder service. You can ensure that your cylinder and its parts are in ideal working condition through an annual vented hot water cylinder service. A G3 qualified technician will look for leaks, corrosion, and other issues. The expert will also examine and test several parts to guarantee that your unvented cylinder is running correctly. You must service your cylinder in the spring or summer. The device buckles down in the colder time of year. So, a spring or summer inspection will help recognise any issues that emerge during peak demand. You can quickly get a hot water cylinder repair or hot water cylinder replacement if you find any problems during the inspection. Make sure you hire specialists from a reputable and certified company in London.

Q Do I need to be qualified to fit an unvented cylinder ?

A. According to government protocols, any vessel holding more than 15 litres of high temp water under pressure should be placed by a skilled specialist. A G3 and CITB certified expert should take care of vented & unvented hot water cylinder installation. You cannot afford to make a mistake during hot water cylinder installation. A single mistake can lead to a lot of damage. The installation process requires intense pressure and involves hot water. You should not carry out the installation yourself. Call one of the best hot water cylinder installers to ensure the work gets done without any faults. You must notify your local building control department that you are installing an unvented system before doing so. This is due to the possibility that the property will require the installation of valves and pipework for pressure relief that will vent outside the structure.

Q How long does it take to install an unvented cylinder ?

A. An increasingly typical substitute for the standard hot water cylinder installation is to install an unvented hot water cylinder in your home. Its greater efficiency for larger homes with higher hot water demands is the primary factor in its appeal. The cold water supply is drawn straight from the mains when installing an unvented hot water cylinder. This indicates that a gravity-fed tank or a connection to a pump is not required. The installation of the hot water cylinder itself will typically take a single day or more. The property might be without heating and hot water until the system is finished, but the system could take much longer. Hot water cylinder units, radiators, pumps, valves, tanks, controls, and electrical connections make up a heating system. If you are installing a new boiler in the same position as your old one or replacing it, it should only take a couple of days. It could take more days if your equipment developed during the removal or installation. Your engineer will go over your alternatives and let you know what you can do if this occurs.

Q What does an unvented hot water cylinder installation cost ?

A. Installation costs for unvented cylinders can range from £550 to over £2000. If you already own one, you can be on the lower end of the range depending on the brand and kind you choose to replace it. A direct unvented cylinder replacement part could start from around £500. Suppose you don't have an unvented cylinder but are considering installing one. In that case, you'll probably need to increase the cold water main's capacity from the incoming stop tap to the unvented hot water cylinder. First, it will be necessary to evaluate the dynamic pressure test, water pressure, and water flow rates. It will bring about more considerable expenses.