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System boiler cylinder in loft


System boilers do not link to the cold mains. This makes them fundamentally distinct from combi boilers. The water from the central heating system is heated inside the cylinder through a coil. This also circulates hot water through the cylinder’s interior. The hot water can then distribute simultaneously to numerous taps and showerheads. To ensure convenience, they can heat the cylinder and both radiators in the house simultaneously. In this blog, we will learn about a system boiler cylinder in loft and what it takes to have this setup. 

One popular piece of equipment in UK homes is the system boiler. They are prevalent in brand-new bathroom additions to help supply hot water. You can also find these in newly constructed homes with several bathrooms. System boilers function as conventional boilers by producing hot water in a cylinder for later use. They do this while simultaneously running your central heating. At the same time, while we’re at it, we’d like to let you in on the range of services we offer at Boiler Solutions. If you find yourself wondering about a reputed boiler installation London service, then you know who to call. 

Boiler Servicing and Maintenance

We believe that your safety and the safety of your home is of utmost importance during a boiler service or any other gas appliance-related work. Our customer-first approach is what has allowed us to build up a stellar reputation over the last decade. The only way to ensure that your boiler or appliance is functioning efficiently and safely is with regular maintenance and professional servicing, which are usually carried out annually. There are a number of reasons to get a yearly service.


System Boiler Tank in the Loft

This sort of device’s water comes directly from the incoming main supply. This is the opposite of conventional boilers, which require an extra tank in the middle. There can be numerous uses for the direct connection to the main supply. To begin with, a cistern is unnecessary (or a cold water tank). You save space in your loft when you choose this over a heat-only boiler. They provide significantly better water pressure. You’ll obtain a constant flow rate throughout the property with system boilers. Let’s continue to find out more about having a system boiler cylinder in loft. On the contrary, you could also check out our other blogs. If you enjoy learning, then find out more about the types of boiler systems out there.

Loft Conversion System Boiler

Coming back to our topic of getting a system boiler cylinder in loft, British homes today demonstrate that we are firmly in the era of the combi-boiler. With more than half of UK homes heating their water in this manner, a water tank still hides in many lofts. The tank is an essential component of the home’s plumbing. It should be in good functioning order. Most of the time, this isn’t a problem. A water tank can be a major blemish on the loft-room landscape regarding loft conversions.

You may need to make accommodations for it in your planning. Removing the cold water tank from the loft will also be possible. This can create extra room if you decide to replace your heating system. In addition to increasing the water pressure and maybe reducing heating costs, many homeowners desire a loft conversion. They do this to increase the home’s value and provide them with more space inside.

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The Combi System

A combi boiler is a common option for figuratively merging hot water and central heating systems in a house or commercial building. A cold water tank in the loft is no longer necessary, thanks to the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of the combined boiler system. It also provides hot water at the central pressure. Repiping the entire hot water system and installing a combi boiler to create a space in the loft may seem expensive. It can seem so, especially considering the overall cost of a professional loft conversion. This solution may be cost-effective, increasing the home’s overall efficiency and reducing heating costs.

The entire area will likely have the highest possible heating efficiency. This could also help reduce utility costs. The new loft room will have a connection to the central heating system. It will also link to the roof space’s floor, and wall insulation will likely be upgraded as part of the loft conversion. As with other loft conversion procedures, any additional work needs the assistance of a plumbing expert or specialist. Since we were on the topic of combi boilers, here’s a blog we did a while back about combi boiler pump failure symptoms.

The Installation Process

The installation price depends on the number of tanks required and the installation’s complexity. For instance, removing an old tank of galvanized steel and asbestos from your roof might be complex and heavy. This is especially if your loft entrance is small. With little consideration for a future removal strategy, several tank installations took place with the construction of the properties. For this reason, many people opt to keep the tank in place; however, it can be removed if it is divided into smaller pieces. An expert should carry out the removal process if the tank is made of asbestos.

The installation of a new cold water tank can be challenging if the loft hatch is small. But, it is feasible to purchase tanks created explicitly for this use. These tanks have a name, “coffin tanks”. They are long and slender and can fit through tiny holes. You can partially fold spherical tanks to fit through openings. Additionally, it’s essential to build the cold water tank as high up as possible. This will improve the pressure of the water flowing to your taps.