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Hydrogen boilers – how they work?


Check out the video above, which talks about hydrogen boilers – how they work? These types of boilers are still in their developmental stage. These entities work very similarly to gas ones seen today in the market. However, instead of burning methane, they burn hydrogen. It is also important that we do not confuse ourselves with hydrogen fuel cell technology or boilers that are ready for the blend. Simultaneously, do remember that Boiler Solutions offers a range of services among them being boiler repair London. Check out our homepage. 

Coming back to this, boilers that are in current use and have been around since 2006 are ready for this transition. This makes up for 20% hydrogen in the natural gas lines. A 100% hydrogen boiler would have two types of gases involved; oxygen and hydrogen. These gases will enter the system, mix up together and pass through a catalytic converter. The flue gas that is created inside will pass through the pipes within the heat exchanger. This is what heats your water. If you experience boiler problems such as fixing a leaking boiler pipe, then our qualified boiler engineers will help you. Simply, get in touch with us. 

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We believe that your safety and the safety of your home is of utmost importance during a boiler service or any other gas appliance-related work. Our customer-first approach is what has allowed us to build up a stellar reputation over the last decade. The only way to ensure that your boiler or appliance is functioning efficiently and safely is with regular maintenance and professional servicing, which are usually carried out annually. There are a number of reasons to get a yearly service.


Hydrogen boilers 2025

A number of major manufacturers in the UK have agreed to introduce these new boilers at the same cost as existing natural gas systems. Natural gas, which fuels up our heaters, is responsible for high carbon emissions. So, with hydrogen-based systems, the way they work is that they would come up as an alternative to natural gas since they emit low carbon emissions. The aim of this transition is to gradually move away from the use of fossil fuel, which is what’s currently in use across UK homes. Common versions of heat pumps we see most commonly today consume fossil fuel to heat homes. Consecutively, natural gas boilers will not be banned entirely. At the same time, learn more about elements such as air source heat pump servicing in London. Hydrogen boilers 2025 would emit low carbon fuels when they come into operation. Therefore, it is important that households gradually move forward with this shift. In light of this, manufacturers had stepped forward to adopt hydrogen boilers. Some companies aim to achieve this shift in 2025. So, hydrogen boilers how they work would bring about great change to the way we use heating in our homes. When it comes to other heating problems pertaining to boiler repairs for instance, our team of boiler professionals are ready to help.

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Domestic hydrogen boiler UK

Considering the importance of moving away from gas and on to hydrogen-ready boilers, it is definitely something that is in progress. As the government is making plans to achieve a carbon-neutral approach for the country, many companies are working to create hydrogen-ready systems. The government does believe that gas boilers will remain in use for a while at least and will not be entirely banned from use. There is a chance that homeowners can continue using gas boilers beyond 2025.

At the same time, manufacturers hope to roll out hydrogen-ready systems and make them available to the public. But, at the same time, for these hydrogen boilers to run 100% on hydrogen, there is no set date as to when this would be achieved. A professional boiler engineer will need to be hired in order to work on your boiler and get it to run on hydrogen. Initially, the boiler would need to utilize the existing gas boiler’s grid supply. So, reach out to us at Boiler Solutions.

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