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How to fix a leaking boiler pressure relief valve?


One of the key components of your boiler is the pressure relief valve, also known as the blow-off valve. This vital part is integral to the smooth running of your boiler. If your problem is related to how to fix a leaking boiler pressure relief valve in London, then keep reading. Over time, pressure builds up in your boiler system as the process of heating water causes it to expand. Manufacturers design modern boilers with pressure release valves in order to relieve this pressure as it builds up. 

If this part fails then there is nowhere for this pressure to go when the water is heating up. It will try to escape through the pressure relief valve in the form of a leak. On the contrary, do check out our homepage for details about the services we provide. Especially, services such as boiler repair LondonSo, if you find your pressure relief valve is leaking water, then it is likely that your expansion vessel is either inadequate, or needs repressurising. If the valve isn’t working properly, the temperature or pressure could build to dangerous levels in your home’s heating system.

If this builds up, it could cause your pipes, or your boiler itself, to rupture. So, to fix a leaking boiler pressure relief valve, you need expert help. If you want to read about the cost of fixing a boiler leak then browse through our blog. We also aim to keep you updated about plumbing services in London. So, to find the best plumbers in the business, check out the cost of fixing a boiler leak site for more details. 

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Fix a leaking pressure relief valve immediately!

If, however both the temperature and pressure are within the normal range for the boiler but the pressure relief valve is leaking, then it is likely that the valve is defective. A leaking boiler pressure release valve should be fixed immediately. Since we’re on the topic of fixing, remember to check out the many services that we offer at Boiler Solutions. If you reside in North London and are in search of a new boiler, you may refer to our boiler installation North London service page to explore the services offered by our boiler engineers.

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In most instances, you’ll find that the pressure relief valve is located within the boiler itself. This is not something you should attempt to fix on your own as you are not Gas Safe registered, so you cannot legally take the case off the boiler. So if you do notice a drip coming from your pressure relief pipe, you should call an engineer right away.

The engineer will then need to assess the situation to find the root cause of the problem. It could be a number of issues, such as your expansion vessel or pinhole expansion vessel needing to be recharged, or it could be a sludge related issue that has blocked your expansion pipe. In all of these cases, you will need to call an engineer.

So, in conclusion, it’s not really feasible for you to repair a leaking boiler pressure relief valve yourself and the job should be left to an engineer. These things do take time, by the way. So, if you’re curious about how long it takes to fix a boiler leak, then our blog will help you.