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How to cover boiler pipes in the kitchen


Ever thought of covering your boiler pipes? Well, now you should do so! Although a boiler is essential to keep a house warm and cosy during the winters, pipelines wouldn’t get much visual focus where design accents are concerned. Therefore, if you aspire to upgrade the overall look of your space, consider covering any unsightly lines. Learning how to cover boiler pipes in the kitchen might sound complex, but this is something that will consequently increase the overall significance of your property. So, if you’re convinced about concealing pipes in your space, let us share the proper manner. Always remember that such a house renovation project is straightforward to implement if you have the right equipment and have planned everything. We created this blog at Boiler Solutions to help you learn something new. Alternatively, read about our boiler installation service to gain some insight.

Boiler Servicing and Maintenance

We believe that your safety and the safety of your home is of utmost importance during a boiler service or any other gas appliance-related work. Our customer-first approach is what has allowed us to build up a stellar reputation over the last decade. The only way to ensure that your boiler or appliance is functioning efficiently and safely is with regular maintenance and professional servicing, which are usually carried out annually. There are a number of reasons to get a yearly service.


Best way to cover boiler pipes in the kitchen

After camouflaging the cupboard by following the above tricks, it is time to conceal the lines by looking into the following:

  • Colour: You can paint the pipes to integrate them with their surroundings. To make it stand out, you can use a unique colour. But, use heat-resistant paint; otherwise, it might crack and fade over time.
  • Cover: Covering through furniture placement, such as a bookshelf or photo frame, are some clever yet classic approaches to hiding unattractive pipes.
  • Box: Cut a few wooden pieces to size and stick them closely near the lines to conceal them.
  • Wrap: You may buy a wooden or plastic cover to disguise the lines. Cut them to length and attach them near the work with an adhesive mixture.

Eventually, you will also need to consider another form of cover for your boiler – the warranty. If that has skipped your mind, then it’s safe to say that we have you covered, pun intended. Here’s our blog on what does boiler warranty cover? Check it out.

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Is it safe to cover a boiler?

While hiding a boiler, an essential thing to remember is to take precautions to ensure protection. Proper ventilation and a secure approach to the device and its components are crucial to remaining protected in the long run. If a mishap occurs while learning how to cover boiler pipes in the kitchen, you should be able to fix it quickly. Hiding a boiler behind a drape is completely safe. It can be arranged inside a casing or closet if you monitor typical boiler problems, including leaks. Ageing boilers require a large area to keep them well-ventilated. However, it is not an issue for contemporary condensing ones because they receive air through the fuel lines. You can rest assured that a cover might be the last kind of issue to affect any homeowner. You can learn about the most common boiler problems in London by checking out our blogs.

If the appliance is in your backyard, you may enhance its look using fencing and surrounding it with some plants. But remember to keep one side free to allow ventilation. We hope this blog helps you learn all the different ways how to cover boiler pipes in the kitchen. It will give your space an aesthetic touch and increase your house’s worth. You may choose any of the above ideas to disguise the device if you are tired of looking at it and want to upgrade.

Ideas to hide boiler pipes in a kitchen

Here are some ingenious approaches to disguising boiler lines in a kitchen to give them a pleasant look. These ideas will allow your inventive fluids to flow but always ensure they are reachable to service providers:

  • Instead of purchasing the standard closet to conceal the lines, fit them in a chalkboard cabinet. It will give your house a classy touch. You may also utilize it for writing messages.
  • Instead of a cabinet, you may invest in a floor-to-ceiling compartment to store the lines.
  • A U or L-shaped drape may also work fine to hide uncovered portions of the system.
  • You can also paint it with a warm and moisture-resistant colour to give it an attractive look while concealing it. Since most of the boilers are plain, they are perfect for painting. But, it would help if you consult the seller before colouring the system.

Alternatively, if you are at a stage where you will need to service your boiler before getting a cover made for it, you should be prepared for it in advance. Find out more about what to do before a boiler service in London? Being that extra bit prepared is always a good thing.