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How long does it take to do a boiler service in London?


A typical boiler service should take roughly an hour when carried out by a Gas Safe registered engineer. It is necessary to check a number of things within this time. Starting from the boiler and all of its parts to any flues and pipework. So, if you ask yourself, how long does it take to do a boiler service London, then you are right on track.

Firstly, when it comes to a boiler, they clean to remove any build-up of debris. This would also most particularly involve the surface of the heat exchanger. While this is a rough guide, the duration of the service can vary depending on a number of factors. It would also depend on the type of boiler you have and how old it is.

An older boiler that hasn’t been regularly serviced could take longer than a brand new boiler. If you have an oil boiler, this service will typically take more time. This is because, it is necessary to check the oil tank that stores the fuel for bulging, corrosion, leaks and water. Seeking the expertise of reputed service providers is the way to go. We recommend going with British Gas or Scottish Power. 

Boiler Servicing and Maintenance

We believe that your safety and the safety of your home is of utmost importance during a boiler service or any other gas appliance-related work. Our customer-first approach is what has allowed us to build up a stellar reputation over the last decade. The only way to ensure that your boiler or appliance is functioning efficiently and safely is with regular maintenance and professional servicing, which are usually carried out annually. There are a number of reasons to get a yearly service.


The time duration of a boiler service

Most boiler servicing companies will arrange a time slot to suit your needs. They will provide you with a period of a few hours when the technician is likely to arrive. Once they complete the service, the engineer will produce a service report. This report will confirm when the service was done and that it was carried out in line with Gas Safety regulations. It will also list any additional repairs that are necessary in this respect. Please feel free to ask your engineer any questions you may have, if any of this is unclear.

Your Local London Boiler Company

We cover all of London - from Wandsworth to Westminster and Brixton to Bromley and everywhere in between. If you’re looking for a boiler service in London then you’ve come to the right place. Boiler Solutions is one of London’s leading plumbing and heating companies.


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Do I have to give the boiler an annual checkup?

Many people don’t want to service their boilers regularly, because not servicing means it saves money. But usually, this is a false economy. To ensure your boiler is running efficiently, it’s important to service it every 12 months. If your boiler is within the warranty period, it is better if you can get a Gas Safe registered engineer to do it and stop it from being voided.

If you focus on maintaining your boiler system properly, you could save money in the long run. You will be able to keep your bills down and prevent any large repairs from occurring in the future. That’s because when you clean the boiler components on time, they operate more efficiently. This way they would use less gas to provide the same amount of heat.

Another potential problem that can surface if your boiler is not regularly serviced is the formation of carbon monoxide. This odourless and colourless gas is incredibly dangerous and can be created by faulty boilers. This is why we also recommend that your home should have a carbon monoxide alarm near any gas appliances.

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