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Boiler Installation South London

Our boiler engineers are well-versed in dealing with boilers and installations. From installing and repairing to maintaining boilers and other heating equipment, they carry out a range of technical tasks. This can include replacing worn or broken parts, adjusting and calibrating controls, and performing routine maintenance to ensure that the equipment operates efficiently and safely. Our boiler engineers will also visit you to help diagnose and troubleshoot heating system problems and advise homeowners or business owners on how to best maintain and care for their heating equipment. In addition to working on boilers, a boiler engineer can work on other heating and ventilation equipment, such as furnaces, heat pumps, and air conditioning units. We are gas safe registered company in London under 656275 number. You can rely on our boiler installation South London service at any time.

Boiler Replacement South London

An engineer would begin the procedure during a boiler replacement by turning off the old boiler and the water supply. This would be followed by draining the old boiler to disconnect it from the system. The new boiler would then be installed in the location of the old boiler and connected to the heating system, following all necessary safety procedures. Any necessary modifications or adjustments would be made to the system to accommodate the new boiler. The system is refilled with water, and the water supply to the boiler is turned back on. The engineer would then text the new boiler to ensure it operates correctly. Though this breakdown provides a general outline, the actual process may vary depending on specific details of the project. This is why you must book a qualified and experienced boiler or heating engineer to handle a boiler replacement South London and to ensure that it is done safely and properly.

Your Local London Boiler Company

We cover all of London - from Wandsworth to Westminster and Brixton to Bromley and everywhere in between. If you’re looking for a boiler service in London then you’ve come to the right place. Boiler Solutions is one of London’s leading plumbing and heating companies.


Benefits of a New Boiler Installation

Upgrading your old boiler to a new one can lead to increased efficiency and various benefits. Newer models are typically more energy-efficient than older boilers, resulting in lower energy bills and reduced carbon emissions. Additionally, newer boilers offer increased reliability, unlike older ones that become less dependable and more prone to breakdowns as they age. By installing a new boiler, you can reduce the risk of unexpected breakdowns and ensure a more reliable heat source for your home. Moreover, you can also save on repair costs for an extended period compared to an older boiler, which may require frequent repairs as time goes by. If you are selling your property, a new boiler can also increase its value, making it more attractive to potential buyers or tenants. For South London boiler repair and installation services, our company can provide expert advice and assistance to ensure that your heating system is running efficiently and reliably.

Gas Boiler Installation in South London Area

Installing a gas boiler would require access to a gas supply. Since a gas boiler would most commonly be set up in residence, the house must have access to a gas supply line. This will typically involve connecting to the primary gas grid, which may require the services of a gas utility company. Another factor to consider is ventilation. Gas boilers require proper ventilation to ensure that they can operate safely and efficiently. This may involve installing venting systems to allow gases to escape safely. In London, building regulations must be followed when installing a gas boiler. These regulations cover issues such as the placement of the boiler, the type of boiler that can be used, and the required safety measures. It is crucial to hire a qualified and experienced boiler professional to install a gas boiler to ensure that it is installed safely and meets all relevant regulations. Gas boilers require regular maintenance to ensure that they are operating efficiently and safely. This may include cleaning and checking the heating elements, the controls and wiring and replacing any worn or damaged parts.

Electric Boiler Installation

When it comes to heating water, an electric boiler relies on electricity as the primary energy source, rather than oil or natural gas. This type of boiler installation may be preferable for situations where other fuel sources are not available or for those who prioritize the use of electricity for environmental reasons. However, installing an electric boiler can present unique challenges and considerations, such as electrical requirements, boiler size, placement, wiring, and maintenance. For instance, electric boilers demand a significant amount of electricity, and the electrical system in the home or building must be able to handle the additional load. Although electric boilers tend to be smaller than those that use other fuel sources, they must still be appropriately sized and installed to meet the heating needs of the property. Proper wiring and controls are also crucial for safe and efficient operation. Regular maintenance is essential to ensure that electric boilers operate safely and efficiently, including cleaning and checking the heating elements, controls, and wiring, and replacing any worn or damaged parts. For those seeking a boiler installation in South London, our company can provide expert advice and assistance in selecting and installing the right electric boiler for your property.

Customer Reviews

Over the years, the quality work and excellent customer service provided by our engineers at Boiler Solutions have proved our approach to work. Boiler Solutions aims to ensure a customer feels content and satisfied with the result. These reviews from customers who have experienced our work will give you an idea.


My elderly dad’s boiler broke down and he needed an urgent replacement. Gary organised replacement and installation all within one day ! Service was professional at all times and he…

2 months ago

Anya Revans

I have used Gary at Boiler Solutions many times over the past 15 years and he always provides an excellent service at a reasonable cost. He installed our boiler, has…

a month ago

Ebru Ozguc

I had the pleasure of working with Daniel and his team and he sorted out my boiler problem within two hours, supplying the needed part. Absolutely brilliant plumber came and…

a month ago

ruairi keeley

AMAZING COMPANY and service. Previously spent £1k with another plumping company to 'fix' the issue and they suggested another 'fix' for another £1k. Apparently we had a broken pump (even…

2 months ago

Katia Gerard

Brilliant! We struggled to find a plumber who could intervene quickly on Friday night but thanks to Gary, we have successfully rehabilitated our dysfunctional radiators. Gary gave us professional advice…

2 months ago

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Q How much does it cost to replace a boiler in London ?

A. The cost of replacing a boiler in London can vary significantly depending on some factors, such as the size of the boiler, the type of boiler being installed, and any additional work that may be required (e.g., installing new gas or electrical lines). You can expect to pay between £2000 and £4000 for a standard gas boiler replacement in London. These rates may be higher or lower depending on the specific circumstances of the installation. It is essential to obtain quotes from several contractors to get an idea of the expected costs and to ensure you get a fair price. It is also a good idea to check with the contractor to see if they offer financing options or discounts that may help make the replacement cost more affordable.

Q Should I change my gas boiler to electric ?

A. An electric boiler is easier to install, requires less maintenance, and healthier for the environment. You may programme it individually to set the temperature differently according to your needs in each room. It is the best replacement for heating your home because it is adaptable, affordable, and effective. If you are someone who tuinks about the environment and is focused on reducing your carbon footprint, then an electric appliance would be a better choice compared to a gas one. Gas boilers require gas to burn, which is a fossil fuel but it also happens to be the most common in UK homes and is cheaper to run than an electric boiler.

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