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F1 fault on Glow-worm Boiler – Everything You Need to Know


This issue will arise if your boiler’s ignition sequence seems to be a problem. Having the entire code in hand, you’ll be able to look it up yourself in the manufacturer’s instructions will help the engineer when fault-finding on your appliance. It is best done so instead of having the engineer fault-find from scratch. This video blog is about an F1 fault glow on your Glow-worm boiler. Leon explains the kinds of problems that would lead to this fault. Consequently, various problems could have happened with your boiler’s ignition sequence. Some of them would include the following:

  • Fan
  • Condensate pipe
  • Gas pressure
  • The gas valve’s condition or adjustment
  • Electrode
  • Electro leads
  • The spark generator

There is a wide variety of things that could have happened or could have caused that F1 fault code. The best thing that you can do is that when you have that fault code on the appliance, call your engineer, tell them what the fault code is that you have found and allow them to come down and do some investigation for you. If you reside in North London and are in need of a new boiler, you may want to visit our page for boiler installation in North London. This is where you can find information on our boiler engineers and the services they offer.

Boiler Servicing and Maintenance

We believe that your safety and the safety of your home is of utmost importance during a boiler service or any other gas appliance-related work. Our customer-first approach is what has allowed us to build up a stellar reputation over the last decade. The only way to ensure that your boiler or appliance is functioning efficiently and safely is with regular maintenance and professional servicing, which are usually carried out annually. There are a number of reasons to get a yearly service.


How do you fix the F1 fault on a Glow-worm boiler?

Say you just got home after a three-week holiday and were looking forward to a nice, long, soothing bubble bath. Suddenly, your boiler is not working and keeps flashing an ‘F1’ code on its display. So, you would need to troubleshoot the appliance. Following this, you can then test for pressure. When you come across a fault code, it will appear as a blinking letter ‘F’ and the number ‘1’ usually on the boiler. The appearance of F1 would mean a fault with the ignition. Resetting the boiler would be the start. If you like to find out more about how to reset gas boiler from our blog.

You should spot a recessed button on the boiler below the display where the blinking F1 code would show. Using the nib of a pencil or something small enough to press the button (this applies for recessed buttons only), press the button firmly until the code disappears and temperature digits appear. You should also start to hear the boiler gradually begin to work. It should sort out the F1 fault on your appliance. Our blogs also cover important topics in relation to our future move towards hydrogen boilers. Check out our video on hydrogen boilers – how they work?

How to fix F1 fault on Ideal boiler

Similarly, if the code doesn’t appear on the gauge of your Ideal boiler, then follow these steps in case you’re wondering how to fix F1 fault on Ideal boiler? The F1 indicator would tell you that the pressure in your boiler is low and needs to be brought back to normal. This means you’d need to repressurize the boiler. First, turn the heat down and let the system cool down completely. Look for the filling loop, which resembles a metal hose. Next, attach it to the system and ensure it is firmly in place. To secure the loop, this might require the caps at the end of the pipes to be removed to attach them to the loop.

Open the valves on the filling loop. You should hear water begin to fill the boiler. If this does not happen, there might be something wrong with your boiler, so you would need to call in a boiler engineer. You may notice that the water level rises quickly when the pump turns on. It would help if you stopped the pump when the pressure reaches the 1 bar. If the pressure increases after controlling the pump, your boiler will over-pressure. When you get to the No. 1 mark, bring the valves back to their previous position, release the loop and replace the end caps. Our list of videos and blogs also include brief explanations that talk about other relevant brands such as Hive for instance. If you wish to learn about how to install Hive radiator valve, then the link will take you there.