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Boiler Service North West London

Locating a skilled engineer for central heating and plumbing projects can be a daunting task. Nonetheless, at Boiler Solutions, we strive to simplify the process by providing reliable, efficient and professional engineers that deliver satisfactory results. With a track record of excellent service and competitive pricing, we have built a reputation that speaks for itself. We offer installation, repair, and maintenance services for boilers across North West London, ensuring that residents have access to quality service. You can count on us for expert installation and repair of boilers in North West London, as our team of professionals is equipped with the necessary skills and expertise to deliver exceptional results. You can refer about our expert boiler installation in north West London from here.

Annual Boiler Service

During winter, boilers are more prone to breaking down due to increased usage. This can lead to breakdowns during the coldest months. An annual boiler service is a routine inspection conducted by gas engineers to ensure the boiler is working correctly. Similar to the human body, boilers require regular check-ups to prevent potential hazards such as carbon monoxide leaks. Scheduling an annual service on time ensures that the boiler is running efficiently. Regular inspections conducted would verify that the boiler is in good working condition.

Gas Boiler Service

Gas boilers play a crucial role in keeping homes warm during the harsh winter, yet many people may not fully appreciate their importance. A malfunctioning boiler can cause stress and inconvenience, especially when temperatures drop. Regular gas boiler service can prevent costly repairs and improve the efficiency and reliability of the system. Catching potential issues early, can save you money in the long run. Neglecting to have your gas boiler serviced on schedule can lead to expensive repairs. It’s essential to keep this in mind to avoid costly surprises.

Your Local London Boiler Company

We cover all of London - from Wandsworth to Westminster and Brixton to Bromley and everywhere in between. If you’re looking for a boiler service in London then you’ve come to the right place. Boiler Solutions is one of London’s leading plumbing and heating companies.


Electric Boiler Service

Electric boilers are becoming increasingly popular among households today. As the name implies, these boilers use electricity to power their system and distribute heat to radiators and water heaters. Regular maintenance and inspections of electric boilers are crucial for safety and efficiency. One of the main reasons for this is that unvented cylinders, which are pressurized metal cylinders, present inherent risks. Therefore, having your electric boiler serviced at least once a year is extremely important to ensure it is functioning correctly and safely. Not only will this detect any potential issues, but it also ensures that the boiler runs efficiently, saving you money in the long run.

Gas Safe Engineers

Gas Safe engineers are highly skilled and trained professionals equipped to work with various gas appliances such as boilers. Their primary responsibility is to ensure that these appliances are installed and functioning correctly. They are the go-to experts for fixing boilers during the cold winter months. The duties of a Gas Safe engineer include installing, repairing, and replacing boilers. In addition to boilers, they also work on gas cookers, hot water storage cylinders, and wall heaters. These engineers must have the proper qualifications and training from the relevant authorities to work on any gas appliances legally.

Benefits of a New Boiler Service

Annual gas boiler servicing offers several benefits that can help keep your home warm and comfortable throughout the winter. One of the most important benefits is cost savings. By having your boiler serviced before the winter, you can avoid costly repairs that may be needed if the boiler breaks down during the colder months. The service includes a thorough inspection and maintenance of the boiler, which can increase its efficiency and prolong its lifespan. During the service, a professional technician will check for any signs of wear and tear, leaks, or other potential issues that could cause problems in the future.

They’ll also clean the boiler and make necessary adjustments to ensure it runs optimally. This can help improve the boiler’s reliability and efficiency, which can ultimately save you money on energy bills. Apart from getting a service done, remember that there will come a stage when you will need to go for an installation if your appliance keeps breaking down. If it has been around for over 15 years, then we would encourage that you consider a Boiler Installation London service done. For more details on this, visit the Boiler Solution homepage.

Customer Reviews

Over the years, the quality work and excellent customer service provided by our engineers at Boiler Solutions have proved our approach to work. Boiler Solutions aims to ensure a customer feels content and satisfied with the result. These reviews from customers who have experienced our work will give you an idea.


My elderly dad’s boiler broke down and he needed an urgent replacement. Gary organised replacement and installation all within one day ! Service was professional at all times and he…

2 months ago

Anya Revans

I have used Gary at Boiler Solutions many times over the past 15 years and he always provides an excellent service at a reasonable cost. He installed our boiler, has…

a month ago

Ebru Ozguc

I had the pleasure of working with Daniel and his team and he sorted out my boiler problem within two hours, supplying the needed part. Absolutely brilliant plumber came and…

a month ago

ruairi keeley

AMAZING COMPANY and service. Previously spent £1k with another plumping company to 'fix' the issue and they suggested another 'fix' for another £1k. Apparently we had a broken pump (even…

2 months ago

Katia Gerard

Brilliant! We struggled to find a plumber who could intervene quickly on Friday night but thanks to Gary, we have successfully rehabilitated our dysfunctional radiators. Gary gave us professional advice…

2 months ago

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Q Who is qualified to install a boiler ?

A. It is important to ensure that the professional who installs a boiler is Gas Safe registered. This means they have the qualifications and experience to work safely and legally on gas appliances. This can also be a boiler engineer, and he or she should have passed the necessary examinations to be registered with Gas Safe and be able to provide the registration number. It is also important to check that the individual or company has the necessary insurance and is compliant with all relevant regulations and industry standards.

Q Do I need new radiators with a new boiler ?

A. You might have decided to buy a new boiler. This might make you consider replacing your radiators as it would imply less cost than replacing them separately. If you can afford it, replacing your radiators when installing a new boiler is recommended.

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